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USciences Athletics Donating to Troops in Afghanistan as Part of Booth’s #ForTheTroops Project

USciences Athletics Donating to Troops in Afghanistan as Part of Booth’s #ForTheTroops Project

PHILADELPHIA – Spearheaded by the efforts of University of the Sciences cross country senior Delaney Booth, the USciences Athletics Department is shipping five boxes of toiletries, games, and non-perishable snacks, as well as cards containing encouraging messages, to troops in Afghanistan as part of Booth's #ForTheTroops fundraising project. 

Booth asked all members of the Athletics Department – fellow student-athletes, coaches and staff – to donate to the cause, and many responded in resounding fashion. 

She got the idea to begin her #ForTheTroops fundraising project after her father was deployed to Afghanistan as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves in August 2017.  

"This fundraiser means more to me than I can express because my father's 12-month deployment to Afghanistan this past year gave me a completely new perspective on life and not taking anything for granted," said Booth. 

She understands the importance that these items, especially the cards containing the encouraging messages, has on these troops.

"These items and cards mean so much to the troops," Booth continued. "The cards give them a feeling of comfort and help boost their spirits while halfway across the world, and these small, yet important self-care items, snacks, and games that we sometimes take for granted help them take care of themselves physically, socially, and mentally."

The University of the Sciences Athletics Department would like to thank Booth and all of those who donated to this wonderful cause.