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University of the Sciences Graduation Rate Reports

NCAA Academic Success Rate (ASR)

The NCAA developed the academic success rate system in 2005 in response to college and university presidents who wanted graduation data that more accurately reflect the mobility among all college students today.

The Academic Success Rate accounts for the academic outcomes of student-athletes who transfer from one institution to another. The rate compiled using the federal government's methodology does not count transfers in and counts transfers out as graduation failures. Regardless of which rate is used, student-athletes are shown to graduate at a higher rate than their peers in the general student body.

The Division II rate, the first such study to be undertaken within the Association, is unique in that it measures graduation outcomes for student-athletes who are not receiving athletically related financial aid.

That, combined with the assessment of transfer student-athletes, means that the Division II compilation evaluates nearly twice as many student-athletes as the study undertaken through the federal Student Right-to-Know Act. (Fed Graduation Rate)

Below are the NCAA Academic Success Rate (ASR) reports and Federal Graduation Rate reports for University of the Sciences starting with the first year of the ASR.

USciences NCAA Academic Success Rate Reports  (ASR)


USciences Federal Graduation Rate Reports