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CACC Feature Series: Impactful Service – Making Others & Yourself Better: Men’s Tennis’ and Golf’s Sahas Chandragiri

CACC Feature Series: Impactful Service – Making Others & Yourself Better: Men’s Tennis’ and Golf’s Sahas Chandragiri

Each semester, the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) runs a feature series to highlight the impact student-athletes from its 14 schools are making off the playing surface.

This fall, the feature series is "Impactful Service: Making Others & Yourself Better. 

Two males and two females from each school were selected and asked to answer the following questions:

1. What community service event did you take part in?

2. What lessons did you learn by taking part in the event?

3. How do you apply those lessons in your life since taking part in the activity?

Here is what men's tennis' and golf's Sahas Chandragiri had to say:  

1. I am the president of USciences Circle K, the university's chapter of Circle K International. This is a worldwide collegiate service organization founded on leadership, service, and fellowship, and we strive to bring out these qualities in our students. Currently, our organization has over 40 active members who have completed a combined 150+ hours of service. We serve the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, and the University City Health Coalition, among other service organizations. We hope to better our community by targeting children's education and general population welfare.

2. As president, I learned the importance of strong communication skills, specifically understanding how to better delineate roles within the executive board. More importantly, this experience has shown me how many compassionate and caring people still exist in our community. So many of our members heard about the organization through word of mouth and took the initiative to email me asking how to join. They understand the central idea that we have a duty to help those in need, and their enthusiasm for service is inspiring to me. 

3. As I start medical school next year, I will always remember the lessons I learned during my time as president. While the scientific knowledge I will gain is important and essential, the true reason for entering this profession is to provide care for those who need it most. As my career progresses, I will always remember Circle K as the organization that taught me it is a duty and honor to help those around us.